Dr. Guerdy

Dr. Guerdy Regilus 
CEO, Principal Coach & Consultant

The Owner

Dr. Guerdy Regilus is the CEO, Principal Coach & Consultant of Purposed to Prosper (P2P) Coaching & Consulting. Dr. Regilus holds a doctor in strategic leadership from Regent University. With vast professional experience in higher education, non-profit and criminal justice, Dr. Regilus brings a results-oriented approach to her work. She is a skilled leader who is well equipped to build teams, develop workshops, write curriculum, and more. 

The Business

Purposed to Prosper (P2P) Coaching & Consulting was founded in 2017. The firm’s vision is to create long-lasting change by producing high-performing and thoughtful leaders. P2P works with both individuals and organizations to determine who they are and where they want to go. And then, P2P partners with clients to bridge the gap between the two. P2P delivers coaching services, consulting services, and training programs to organizations in the Metro Atlanta Area. Our services ensure leaders are successful in their roles and organizations see measured success.

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